Senior Projects (Part 2 in a series)

Senior Projects finished up on April 6. We have been introducing a senior to you each week in this short blog series. (See our April 14 blog post for the first installment in the series.)

This week, I’d like to introduce you to Matt Olson. Matt joined Green Meadow in Sixth Grade, after moving to the US from Canada (when his mom, Ruth Olson, accepted a job as a Class Teacher at Green Meadow).

For his senior project, Matt designed and built a tiny house with the help of his mentor, GMWS alumnus Michael Scharff ’77. Concerned about the environmental and financial costs of a traditional home, Matt set out to build a small, efficient house that he could donate to a family or organization in need when he was finished.

Read more about Matt’s project in our local paper, The Journal News; see him on News 7 NY; or watch a short video of his senior project presentation. You can also watch the full-length presentation.

Congratulations, Matt!

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