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Why Waldorf? (Part 3 in a series)

In this series, we have been introducing you every week to a teacher, parent, or student who shares something about why they love Green Meadow and Waldorf Education. Today we hear from Maskit Ronen, Life Sciences teacher in the High School, and mom to four children in the school. The science curriculum in the High… Continue reading Why Waldorf? (Part 3 in a series)

Why Waldorf? (Part 1 in a series)

This week, we are excited to launch a blog series featuring the perspectives of parents, teachers, and students from across the school. We will hear why they have chosen Waldorf Education, and what it means to them. Stay tuned for weekly posts on this theme through the end of May! Why Waldorf? Week 1 From… Continue reading Why Waldorf? (Part 1 in a series)

Senior Projects (Part 2 in a series)

Senior Projects finished up on April 6. We have been introducing a senior to you each week in this short blog series. (See our April 14 blog post for the first installment in the series.) This week, I’d like to introduce you to Matt Olson. Matt joined Green Meadow in Sixth Grade, after moving to… Continue reading Senior Projects (Part 2 in a series)

Senior Projects (Part 1 in a series)

We just finished Senior Projects Week. The 22 members of the Class of 2017 all shared their amazing projects, which you can see on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. We are very proud of all of them. I’m a Green Meadow staff member and parent, and I have had the privilege of teaching a senior math class for… Continue reading Senior Projects (Part 1 in a series)